The Successful Genius Mastermind Group

about-1What Is The Successful Genius Mastermind?

The Successful Genius Mastermind is an invitation only, accelerated growth program for successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Successful Genius has created a unique model of the seven thinking and strategy patterns of the world’s most successful people, and trains members to apply these strategies to their business. Successful Genius achieves its results using proprietary, applied neuroscience tools and strategies, so members learn to think and implement like Disney, Branson, Einstein, and Jobs. These game changing strategies provide a clear roadmap and tremendous competitive advantage for greater success, accelerated growth, and positive impact in a rapidly changing business landscape.

about-2Amplify Your Successful Genius in The World

The majority of successful people are only using one or two of the seven strategies of Successful Genius effectively. When members access more of the seven strategies, they become more advanced, more effective versions of themselves. Working together on this journey, members mastermind best practices and implementation with each other, creating lifelong growth connections. This annual membership program includes three live mastermind trainings, monthly live webinars, monthly live small groups, and online training developed and led by world class trainers.

How Good Is The Successful Genius Mastermind Program?

This year’s Successful Genius Mastermind group is completed. 100% of the graduates have endorsed the program and recommend it to others, and most of the available spaces in the new group will be filled by referrals from existing members and candidates who wanted to attend last year and missed the registration window.

Dr. John Gray

#1 Expert in Relationships, 50 Million Books Sold ( Mars-Venus Series )

said: “I want to share with you how much I love being part of the Successful Genius Mastermind Group. I got much greater clarity, more energy and inspiration, and I finished the book I’d been working on for two years in only 30 days. Having access to the strategies of the world’s greatest geniuses and most successful business leaders enables me to more easily tap into my own highest genius potential. The people in the group are outstanding. I’m coming back next year, and highly recommend The Successful Genius Mastermind Group.”

Naomi Whittel

CEO Reserveage, E&Y Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

said: “As a leading CEO in the nutritional supplements field, I’m always looking for strategies to further improve my effectiveness. The Successful Genius Mastermind with Robert Dilts has been a fantastic program, and has had a major impact on me and my business. The strategies and tools for state management and accessing resources have been very effective for my television work on QVC, and also for managing my energy during long filming and business days. The Vision, Mission, Ambition, Role exercises were very powerful and help me gain new insights and clarity about my business. The small group masterminds are great, and I feel very supported by Mitchell and the team. I’ve also benefited tremendously from other experts in the group who have helped me and my company. I recommend thismastermind group to other CEOs and business owners.”

ideaWhy Mastermind With Robert Dilts?

Robert Dilts is the world’s leading expert at modeling success, genius and extraordinary human transformation and achievement in any area. Robert has developed powerful strategies and frameworks in each of these areas that you can use now, to create extraordinary results for yourself. Robert’s clients for this work have included senior leaders at: Apple, Microsoft, Lucas Films, Weightwatchers, IBM, The Government of Singapore, Hewlett Packard, The Anthony Robbins Companies, Ernst & Young, and The World Bank. Robert’s private client Cross knowledge, which implemented the strategies taught in Successful Genius, sold in April 2014 to John Wiley & Sons for $175 million in a cash tender offer (on trailing sales of $37 million). Cross Knowledge co-founders have acknowledged the profound impact Robert’s “Successful Genius” coaching and training has had on their success.

Robert will help you to reach the next level, by discovering “the differences that make a difference” in your business, and in your life. Robert is one of the worlds most sought after developers, authors, trainers, and consultants in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Business Success & Leadership training.

writingNLP models human excellence, and is the fastest and most powerful technology for overcoming blocks or transforming limiting beliefs (either conscious or unconscious). Robert has applied advanced NLP strategies to business success, leadership, health and education. Robert’s global influence includes his 20 books and 40 years of leadership in NLP (He wrote or co-wrote many definitive works in his field, including the two volume NLP Encyclopedia). He has also helped develop and train leaders of many of the NLP schools worldwide, and has worked extensively with global leaders, leading companies, and their customers.

Greg Burzynski

MD, Clinical Director of The Burzynski Clinic (Innovative, integrative Cancer Treatment Center)

said: “When I was facing some complex business problems, a member flew out to spend the weekend with our team at his own expense, to volunteer to help us. I’ve never seen that. I have really appreciated the coaching and modeling, and learning from the best experts. I can’t really put a value on this group and highly recommend it.”

Judi Spear

CEO of RV Rhodes (Leadership Training and Personality Assessment Company for Fortune 1000 Companies)

said:”I feel like I’m one degree of separation now from practically anyone. I’m so amazed bythe mastermind, and the members, and it far surpasses the high expectations I had for it. What sets this mastermind apart are the exceptional content, the small group meetings, and the incredible quality of the members. My business has grown substantially since I joined the group, and everything seems easier and more effortless now. The training, coaching and the entire program is elegant, and absolutely the best.

The Seven Strategies for Successful Genius:

2119This is where you can learn and implement the seven strategies for Successful Genius. The seven strategies enable you to achieve optimal mindset and resourcefulness strategies using advanced NLP, and Robert’s success factor modeling. The seven strategies access the proven methods of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. This is where you also will learn the proven strategies of genius. This is the only program where you have the opportunity to work with Robert year round, and learn his most successful technologies. However, this opportunity is not for everyone. In order to make this training and mastermind most effective and rewarding for every member, we limit the group size.

What Could the Value of This Mastermind Be For You?

2200 The mastermind is the only opportunity you’ll have to do this advanced, entrepreneurial focused program this year. Just one idea or strategy you learn and implement from Robert – and the mastermind group members – could result in a 10X or 100X return on your investment in this program. The mastermind has consolidated the most powerful “needle moving” strategies that have taken Robert 40 years to create and optimize. It would take years of training, study and research to even attempt to gather the wisdom in this program, and cost hundreds of thousands to accumulate.

Barney Pell

Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Locomobi (Parallel Entrepreneur and Investor, founder of Powerset (sold to Microsoft))

said: “I’m an entrepreneur and visionary, and the mastermind taught me a new framework to think about vision, identity, mission alignment and roles that has been extremely powerful and useful for me. I’ve also found new language and tools to help myself and teach others. Magic has come out of our mastermind small groups in helping each other with our goals, and I have made lifelong friends. I’m delighted in the program, and I highly recommend it to anyone else.”

Sam Chan

CEO Applied Computer (Largest B2B Computer Electronics Hub)

“This Mastermind is worth about a million dollars to me in my business, and the value I’ve received and applied. I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs, and focusing more on creating things I want to do.”

Steve Lishansky

CEO, Optimize International (Leading Training and Executive Coaching Company to Fortune 1000 Companies)

said: “I’ve experienced some of the fastest growth and highest productivity of my career. The people, the techniques and processes have really accelerated my progress. I’ve spend my career seeking out and training with true masters. The opportunity to work with someone like Robert Dilts is one that very few people get in life. Grab it, use it…It is invaluable.”

Is Now Your Time to Step Up?


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